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Tulare County Workforce and Employment Connection have put together links to sites to help you navigate your business through these tough waters for your business. 

Please click on the Business Resources tab below to access the letter with the links for your business needs. 


If we can be of further assistance you can call the office at 591-2707 .  You may also call Sandy Sills - cell phone (559) 972-3873.

Other Business Resources

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Open and Re-Opening Businesses Resources

Free Advertising Opportunity

CDC Business and Workplace
Plan, Prepare and Respond

State Fund Workers Compensation

Insurance offers customers

Essential Business Support Fund 

Information about the Care Act and how to apply

Southland EDC - 

EDA Revolving Loan Fund

This loan program was created to fill “gap” financing needs to small businesses that fall outside what traditional lending or lenders are able to loan. Working capital, debt refinance and equipment purchases are typical uses of this loan program. Rates and terms are determined on a case by case basis. The program is designed specifically for higher credit risk businesses and start-up businesses.

How an RLF loan may be used:

  • GAP financing needs

  • Working capital, machinery & equipment

  • Can be used for injection on land & building financing

Rates and Terms:

  • Interest rate: prime plus 1.5%

  • Working capital: up to 7 years

  • Equipment: up to 10 years

  • Real property: up to 20 years


  • UCC filings on machinery & equipment

  • A second trust deed on the business real property

  • Personal guarantees of all 20% or more owners

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Dinuba Chamber

Position on Propositions

Your Vote and Voice Matters

With the November 3rd Election just around the corner we want to remind everyone to take the time to review your ballot.  It is important that you understand the propositions and who the candidates are that you are voting for. 

The Dinuba Chamber has taken a position on the following propositions:

Vote NO on Prop 15

  • Special interests are pushing Prop 15 – the LARGEST property tax hike in California history on the November ballot. This $11.5 billion-a-year tax hike will destroy Prop 13’s tax protections for business properties and make our economic crisis worse.

  • Every Californian will pay for Prop 15’s tax hike through higher prices on everything we buy and use.

  • What will Prop 15’s massive property tax hike lead to?

  • · More job losses at a time of record unemployment

  • · Higher rents for small businesses

  • · Higher property taxes for family farmers

  • Higher costs for groceries, clothes, health care, day care, utilities – basically everything!

  • Join the Dinuba Chamber of Commerce in opposing Prop 15, the $11.5 billion-a-year property tax hike on the November ballot.

 Vote NO on Prop 21

  • Proposition 21, would expand local governments’ authority to enact rent control on residential property. This measure would harm small-business owners and their workers, devastate California’s economy and make the housing affordability crisis worse.

Vote YES on Prop 22

  • CalChamber believes supporting app-based drivers in the gig economy is critical to a diverse and robust economy.  In light of the recent economic turmoil created by COVID-19, it is more important than ever to do everything possible to position our state for a robust comeback.  Dinuba Chamber supports Prop 22, it’s good for business



Best Buy is now hiring General Warehouse Workers and Merchandise Processors to learn more about the jobs check out the link below.

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