Do You the Want to Ramp Up Your Business?

We invite you to join us March 18th for our Dinuba Business Expo from 4:30 to 7:00 pm

The first thing you have to figure out whether you are participating in the Expo or not is the Why? Knowing the why as Robert Isquierdo, Founder of Library for London, shared at the recent Seeds of Love Awards sponsored by Eddie Valero, Tulare County Supervisor District 4, is crucial for success. You may know what you sell, how you sell and who you sell it to but do you know the why? Why do you get up each morning, go to work, and do what you do? Comedian Michael Jr. said "When you know your why, your what has more impact, because you are working towards your purpose."

The WHY is the purpose, the cause, the belief that drives each one of us. In order to get people to follow you as a business leader, a leader in your industry or community, you must be able to share your WHY with the compassion and conviction that moves people to want what you have to offer and to take action, because you have provoked a positive feeling for them.

So let me ask you...Why do you do what you do? What message do you have to share that will make a difference? For your business? For your customer? For our community? And Finally...Why wouldn't you want to come out to Business Expo? Let us know why we need to know you and your your purpose will make my life better and make Dinuba better!

Give us a call there is still room for you at the Dinuba Business Expo March 18th 4:30 pm at the Dinuba Transit Center Parking Lot.


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