Why Join

Chamber associations are about people with vision working together to accomplish more than individually possible. The Chamber succeeds when you succeed. The Chamber is able and willing to help you achieve your goals. 
Membership in the Dinuba Chamber of Commerce links you to many sources of business success. You will be educated (knowledge is power), build relationships, increase visibility and generate business leads. You can focus on your business and know that Chamber membership will enable you to see, understand and be part of the big picture.
Become a member and immediately enjoy the benefits! From day one, you will have a team of professionals capably promoting your business. You will instantly be part of an organization of like business people, all striving to improve Dinuba's business environment.

The following highlights some of what the Chamber does for your business and Dinuba:
  • Sponsors an Ambassadorial Committee that welcomes new businesses, stages ribbon cutting ceremonies and ensures that the story and pictures are provided to local news organizations.

  • Provides new members with a plaque commemorating their membership.

  • Co-hosts social gatherings where members and prospective members can mingle.

  • Assists individual property owners and tenants with physical improvement projects.

  • Responds to business inquiries and refers members' businesses.

  • Publishes a monthly newsletter mailed to all members.

  • Encourages the media to fully cover all promotional activities.

  • Offers advertising opportunities through the various Chamber publications.

  • Ensures that regularly scheduled meetings educate, inspire and motivate members.

  • Arranges business certification programs, seminars and workshops.

  • Participates in business association and community events.

  • Operates a web site that promotes the Chamber, Dinuba and associated Chamber businesses.

  • Is an advocate for Downtown Dinuba.

  • Helps businesses obtain legal documentation required to export and import products.

  • Develops and expands cadre of volunteers. Counsels and furnishes guidelines for volunteer groups, ensuring that Chamber policies and procedures are followed.

  • Is involved with revitalization/management and economic restructuring/development.

  • Promotes improvements in community services and infrastructure.

  • Encourages downtown businesses, businesses outside the downtown, as well as local public officials, to work together.

  • Actively guides and promotes community events.

  • Bestows various awards each year.

As a business person or resident, there are many reasons to patronize Dinuba. Dollars spent in Dinuba generate additional business – the economic multiplier effect. Higher profits and increased valuation result in more money being paid in taxes. A bigger pool of tax revenues reduces each individual's tax burden.
Find yourself opening the same old door, but never seeing the light of day? It is time for a change. Join the Dinuba Chamber of Commerce and see what a new day can mean to you and your business.
Remember, your product and/or service is the Chamber's business. Can you think of another professional association that is specifically interested in you and your business? If not, join the Dinuba Chamber of Commerce, an organization with a vested interest in your success. Working together, the future will surely be a better place.

Let the Dinuba Chamber of Commerce Work for You !

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