LNTC Class of 2019 - 2020 at Wonder Valley climbing to greater heights.

Pictured Left to right Lourdes Chavez, City of Dinuba, Eddie Valero, LNTC Facilitator, Silvia Munoz, City of Dinuba,Jacqueline Montejano, Dinuba Unified, David Vasquez, Tulare County Fire, and Noe Prado, Dinuba Unified.

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Leadership Northern Tulare County’s mission is to develop effective and visionary leaders for Northern Tulare County.


Leadership Northern Tulare County provides the opportunity for those  who work or reside in and around the communities of Cutler, Orosi, Dinuba, Monson-Sultana, and Reedley, to build a communication network with community leaders while establishing a foundation with emerging leaders. Participants will develop leadership skills and knowledge to grow in their places of employment or serve in leadership positions in their community.




Participation in the program will develop leadership skills in the following areas:

• Understanding leadership styles

• Negotiating and managing conflict

• Learning the process, programs and challenges within the community.

• Participating in the community and learning the interworkings of Northern Tulare County organizations and how they work

• Networking with emerging leaders in Dinuba, Cutler, Orosi, the County, and the State.

• Presenting in public

• Developing consensus and teamwork


Who Will Benefit?


Participants will gain a broad knowledge of the community and formal management training that will enhance personal effectiveness in the community and at work.

Businesses sponsoring a participant will benefit from the employee's increased knowledge, improved communication skills and stronger problem-solving abilities. Participants will have access to decision-makers and community resources.


Non-profit organizations will have a strong pool of trained effective leaders with a positive attitude toward volunteering. The community at large will benefit by the development of a large pool of trained, knowledgeable, potential leaders in Northern Tulare County.


Who Should Apply?


If you have the...

• Commitment to self-development

• Desire for community involvement

• Willingness and ability to discuss and propose solutions

• Potential as a leader, as displayed through work experience, organizational involvement, demonstrated interpersonal skills and/or other activities

• Ability to work effectively with people


Do you know of someone who should apply?

• Individual, businesses, and community groups are also encouraged to nominate prospective participants


Interested in finding out more about Leadership Northern Tulare County?

Call the Dinuba Chamber to get connected and learn about the LNTC experience.




The program runs annually from October through June.


The program consists of:

• a full day orientation and welcome reception

• a two-day retreat (full Friday – beginning 9 a.m. /Saturday – concluding 5 p.m.)

• monthly full-day sessions (8 a.m. -5 p.m.)

• monthly evening sessions (6 p.m. -8:30 p.m.)

• a two-day Sacramento trip

• and graduation ceremony

• as well as coordinating, staffing, and managing the two-day Cinco de Mayo event.


Leadership Northern Tulare County inspires community members to become active leaders in their place of business and their community.


Participants will be expected to commit to and spend several hours of personal time in conjunction with the program elements. Personal time commitments include reading, personal reflection, various assignments related to leadership/personal development and overall coordination and planning of the Cinco de Mayo event.




The Curriculum topics may include analyses of issues in:

• State and local government

• Health care

• Service organizations

• Economic development

• Agriculture

• Education

• Plan & implement Cinco de Mayo Festival and Parade on the first Friday and Saturday in May

• Interpersonal skills - problem solving, meeting facilitation, and public presentations


For applications or for more information contact:

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(559) 591-2707



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